Clikka Mouse Free

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An aid for people with hand problems


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Clikka Mouse Free is a tool designed primarily for people with physical disabilities, allowing its user to click with the mouse without moving their fingers.

Once installed, the application places a scroll on the left side of the screen, from which you can choose what type of clicking the program will do by default. You can choose, for example, that when you drag, it will do a double click, single click, etc.

Once you choose the type of click that you want, in the options of the program you can establish the frequency with which it will click. This way, you only have to hover over a shortcut to run it.

Clikka Mouse Free can be quite useful, although of course it is much more so if used in combination with another type of program that helps you to use the mouse without the need to use your hands, so then it will permit a user with serious hand problems to use the mouse.